Events & Screenings

Thanks to Rep. Liz Bennett of Cedar Rapids for attending the screening of The 4th R at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival.  Her positive response to the film was encouraging.  We’d like to get this film in front of more decision makers like Rep. Bennett.  Find out how you can do that HERE.  And thanks…




Panel Discussion at the Oneota Film Festival.

Thanks to (from left to right) Tim Dugger, Superintendent/Elementary Principal of the North Winneshiek Community School District; Dale Crozier, Superintendent of MFL MarMac; and Leon Kuehner, Executive Director of the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education for their insights during a panel discussion after the screening of The 4th R.

After the panel discussion, the panelists were joined by Richard Janson, contributor and consultant on the film; Tim Crozier and Tim Dugger; then Carl Homstad, Liz Fritz and Jim Fritz, all experts in the film, Producer / Director Kyrl Henderson and Leon Kuehner.