How do you solve a problem?

 …when the problem is  you don’t know how to solve problems?

"There is . . . a creativity crisis in the United States today."  Dr. Kyung Hee Kim, William and Mary College

“There is . . . a creativity crisis in the United States today.”  Dr. Kyung Hee Kim, William and Mary College


How do we teach our children to solve problems they will face for the rest of their lives? Problem solving is learned, and it’s learned most efficiently and effectively by students who consistently have the experience of art in their lives.  In The 4th R film Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein puts it succinctly “No art — no innovation.”

The 4th R
presents the problem, offers insights about the causes, looks at the research, then offers some possible solutions to this “creativity crisis” from some of the most noted creativity experts in the world.  SEE THIS UPDATED PAGE, and thanks to all the participants who gave so generously of their time and expertise.

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